An angry customer’s response to JHM’s lies

Looks like JHM has found yet another customer’s tipping point. Transcript below.   So JHM Decides to Address my issues on AR with a propoganda campaign…. Here is their set of “Facts” and my response. I have had it with these guys, and all i can say is do not buy a fucking thing from

JHM motorsports turns off yet another long time supporter

Car is getting re-imagined in the next few months…. I am going to be doing some fairly significant changes to my car over the next few months, primarily due to my hand being forced. – Removed the JHM Exhaust – Removing the JHM Clutch which is showing significant signs of failing and I am getting

JHM sends wrong part, expects customer to pay return shipping

Looks like a guy ordered a window regulator and JHM ordered and shipped him the incorrect part. Here’s how it played out. Recently my window regulator took a crap, ordered a new one from JHM ..unfortunately after taking apart my door I noticed that the wrong part was sent to me. I needed the passenger

JHM won’t refund your money unless you lawyer up or dispute the transaction!

Having issues with JHM?  Better lawyer up or start a dispute with your credit card company (reccomended). One they have your money, don’t expect anything other that the sound of crickets.   Oh I kno. I’m still waiting for a credit for rear rotors from April.…..supposedly the accountant was on vacation for a week. Then they

Thoughts on the JHM short shifter

Ok, where to begin……………I’ve had stock, modified stock, JHM, Hypershift, and now modified Hypershift. Here is my honest and unbiased opinion: I’ve had short shifter’s in every manual car I’ve ever had and love a nice, short throw. I’ll tolerate a little bit of notchiness in return for a shorter throw…but there’s a limit on

JHM Oil Cooler failure leaves customer stranded on the side of the road

Gotta love that made in America, quality JHM craftsmanship! Note, this isn’t the first time this has happened. There are three documented cases of JHM oil cooler related parts failing. This guy was lucky he didn’t lose his newly supercharged motor! And my luck continues! I was driving home today and suddenly, I start hearing

JHM extra short 6 spd SUCKS 1st to 2nd

I have the trio package. What would cause this? It’s nearly impossible to shift fast after running first all the way up to 6k rpm and above. It ALWAYS gets stuck, grinds, and I over rev as it feels like it went into gear. All other gears shift perfectly and I even redid the adjustment

More JHM Stage 3 clutch failures

I chuckle whenever JHM responds to a customer that has gone public about their experiences with JHM’s garbage. Every time JHM responds, they insist that they’ve never heard of such failures and that it would be impossible that their products could fail. LOL. Back to business. This  time we have a JHM Stage 3 clutch

JHM Supercharger Kit Results

Time and time again, JHM fan boys argue that, “the drag strip is the only true indicator of power”; so today, let’s look at only at 1/4 mile data. Let’s look at our friend CHECKERED, who lives in Souther California. He took his car to the drag strip and for 13.2 seconds, he was free.

What’s the solution to the FSI carbon build up?

Using highly pressurized fuel that is injected directly into each cylinder manufactures touted more powerful vehicles with improved fuel efficiency. What they really gave everybody was a motor that accumulated carbon on the intake valves. Before FSI, these valves were continually “washed” with fuel, because FSI injects fuel directly into each cylinder, the intake valves